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Architects And Engineers Professional Liability

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Architects And Engineers Professional LiabilityIrrespective of nature of the profession you are into, professionals need to work hard to comply with the arising needs and expectations. Also, with the changing time, client expectations of service and quality of advice continue to grow further. Therefore, all professionals are striving hard to improve further to attain the desired results. Unfortunately, the increasing number of claims for alleged error, negligence or breach of duty is creating an unsecured picture of professional environment. Thankfully, presence of professional indemnity insurance provides a financial backup to professionals who work in difficult and complex market requirements.

Architects And Engineers Professional Liability

No professional can deny the usability of Professional Indemnity Insurance. It is a ‘must have insurance policy that helps a professional to work without worrying much about financial burdens that may arise out of clients claims. Many countries like UK have made it mandatory for professionals to get professional indemnity before start the business of selling opinions and advices. The insurance policy provides a financial backup for all potential damages that can be payable including the cost of defending claims made against you.

Who can get PI insurance cover?

Architects And Engineers Professional Liability

Professional Indemnity Insurance: a must have Insurance Policy

The cover of PI insurance covers all professionals indulge in serving people through their expert opinion. A wide range of professions and occupations come under professional insurance. Here is the list of professional who can get insurance to protect their financial interests:

  • Accounting professional
  • Scientists
  • Industrial and management Consultants
  • Architects, Engineers, Building consultants
  • Solicitors and Lawyers
  • Financial consultants
  • Medical practitioners
  • IT contractors
  • Real estate agents
  • Journalists and copywriters

What it provides?

  • Customized policies for catering to individual professional or commercial companies or partnerships
  • Specialized solutions for fulfilling needs
  • Identifying the types of third-party claims
  • Providing the right level of cover
  • Providing run-off cover in retirement
  • Consultation from qualified experienced staff
  • Wide reach

Professional indemnity insurance is an important tool for getting the best coverage when you find yourself in deep trouble.